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Double Girder Crane
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Double Girder Crane

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Double braking crane machine advantages and features:
1, double electric hoist braking double beam crane cart running speed (3 to 30 m/min), compared with LH type electric single-girder crane (20 m/min) increased 1.5 times, the speed of the production efficiency is also increased by 1.5 times.  
2, double electric hoist braking double beam crane remote control button for multiple keys, shallow keys speed slow is only 3 m/min, deep buttons fastest speed can reach 30 m/min, shallow keys cart smooth start, brake, small impact, greatly improving the service life of the mechanical components, small impact and improve the service life of steel structure.  
3, new type single-girder crane logo with frequency control of motor speed, speed ratio 1:10, slow minimum can reach 3 m/min, quickly up to 30 m/min, 3-30 meters per minute to achieve stepless speed regulation, to realize the lifting material positioning precision, small shaking, safe and efficient material handling operations.  
4, double double beam crane, electric hoist braking the car beam adopts box beam (thick), wheel installation USES the advanced package structure, 45 degrees 45 degrees suit high machining accuracy, a thorough solve the phenomenon of large span single-girder crane gnaw rail, wheel for forging wheel, the material 65 mn.  
5, big, the car driven by gear motor with triad, reducer, motor brake, as one of the triad parallel axis gear motor (hard tooth face), quadrupole cylindrical cage frequency conversion motor, motor protection class IP54, motor power cycle S1 (100%) of the cart motor can exceed frequent use, maintenance free dc electromagnetic brake disc, brake disc protection class IP54, smooth and soft brake, brake pads do not contain asbestos, brake times, 10000 times.  
6, electric hoist power supply with Angle steel cable car.  
7, cart powered support with adjustable power supply of the frame,
8, the electric hoist lifting set double spacing, weight limit with double beam with a heavy hammer, advantage is heavy hammer, contact the silver contact, contact area is large.  
9, terminals connected by cold pressing type locking mode.
10, double braking crane hoisting mechanism with double electric hoist braking, according to the room that USES electric hoist, in some cases by electric hoist crane weight cost price is very high especially valuable, such as polysilicon;Or hanging heavy objects by dangerous pollution, such as shell, nuclear waste, etc.This requests us in the process of lifting to ensure foolproof, for this special important occasions, our company newly developed have the second brake function of double electric hoist braking, it on the structure, besides have conical rotor brake motor normal brake on the electric hoist reel to increase the safety brake, safe brake is mainly a ratchet mechanism, ratchet mechanism is composed of ratchet components and pawl, ratchet components installed on the electric hoist drum, ratchet components installed on the gourd shell.
Double electric hoist braking performance characteristics:
1.1, security and dispatching of glass, stone, large steel, reduce accidents. 
1.2, schneider electric use products, use large capacity contactor control. 
1.3, according to user requirements to do: two-speed (double speed) is realized by using double spare set of motor or frequency conversion stepless speed regulation control, remote control, overload protection, motor overheating protection and other functions.

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