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  • Hot Sale Fastener Color Plated Hex Nut, Coated Nuts

    Hot Sale Fastener Color Plated Hex Nut, Coated Nuts

    Choose these nuts for their good corrosion resistance and adherence to strict military standards for material and construction. About half the strength of medium-strength steel nuts, these nuts are for light duty fastening applications, such as securing access panels.
  • Metric No-Slip Clip-On Barrel Nuts

    Metric No-Slip Clip-On Barrel Nuts

    A barrel with multiple threads ensures secure thread engagement. Also known as U-style clip-on nuts, these nuts firmly clip onto the edge of panels and stay secure.
  • Eye Nuts—For Lifting

    Eye Nuts—For Lifting

    Create your own lifting eye by adding an eye nut to a stud or bolt.
  • Metric Steel and Iron Wing Nuts

    Metric Steel and Iron Wing Nuts

    These nuts have wings that provide more leverage for greater torque while tightening than knurled-head thumb nuts. A zinc plating provides corrosion resistance in wet environments.
  • Steel Twist-Resistant Rivet Nuts

    Steel Twist-Resistant Rivet Nuts

    About twice as strong as aluminum rivet nuts, these steel rivet nuts are zinc yellow-chromate plated for corrosion resistance. A ribbed body holds the nut in place so it won't turn when tightening a screw.
  • Metric Medium-Strength Steel Locknuts

    Metric Medium-Strength Steel Locknuts

    Often referred to as castle nuts, secure these by inserting a cotter pin or safety wire through the slots and a drilled hole in your bolt for mild loosening resistance. They’re not recommended for use on parts exposed to high vibration because the pin is prone to shearing under prolonged stress.
  • Stainless Steel Hex Panel Nuts

    Stainless Steel Hex Panel Nuts

    These panel nuts have good chemical resistance and may be mildly magnetic. They can be fastened with a wrench for more torque while tightening than knurled panel nuts. Also known as dress nuts, they are extremely thin for use in tight spaces such as electrical panels.